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At The Learning Hub Tuition Centre we aim to provide a comprehensive supplement to the National Curriculum to enhance your child’s learning experience. We will support your child to prepare, perform and achieve academic excellence to reach their full potential.

The Learning Hub Tuition Centre caters for children aged 5-16 years (Key Stage One to GCSE). Children are prepared and given support to help achieve success in their KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE assessments. We also provide sessions for those who want to prepare for the 11+ examinations. For SATs and GCSE examinations, special preparation classes are held.

So, Why Choose The Learning Hub Tuition Centre?
Our tuition centres deliver sessions that complement what your child is learning at school supporting them to prepare, perform and progress to a higher level, achieving their full potential. We aim to support your child to:

1) Make good progress and achieve their full potential.

2) Achieve better results in end of year assessments and GCSE examinations.

3) Develop good study habits to become confident and successful learners.

4) Our resources are prepared with careful consideration of your child’s academic level to ensure progress is made.

5) We value our students and offer a reward scheme for their efforts and progress to keep them motivated in their studies.

Our Method
The Learning Hub Tuition Centre delivers a study program that complements and mirrors the National Curriculum, National Literacy Strategy and National Numeracy Strategy to ensure your child’s progress is in line with national expectations and they are able to demonstrate the expected knowledge, skills and understanding for their key stage.

From each session you can expect:

- Small group size tuition.

- Lessons delivered by qualified and experienced tutors.

- Feedback and assessment given to your child throughout their tuition session on their performance.

- Extra support for areas of weakness.

- Reward scheme for students.

- End of session report to parents on the progress your child made.

- Use of traditional and contemporary methods to impart the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure maximum impact.

- Monthly detailed report on the progress your child is making at our tuition centre.

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student learning at the learning hub tuition centre with a private tutor
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